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Hello, I’m Randy

I  joined Wealthy Affiliate in Oct. 2013, then got side-tracked chasing other internet programs not realizing what Wealthy Affiliate truly was. I’ve been looking for the “right thing” since then and stumbled onto information I saved, from first Wealthy Affiliate visit, on a flash drive folder and decided to get back on track in Aug. 2014 after reviewing the site again.

I was a 48 state long haul truck driver for almost 25 years after a 3 year hitch with the U.S. Army, 8/31/71 – 8/31/74, and owned seven of my own trucks in the last 15 of those 25 years. I’ve been blessed with a good wife for 36 years now. We try to keep life simple and live in a small NE Iowa town surrounded by corn fields and pastures. Nice, quiet and peaceful. I like that. You can read more about me on my Wealthy Affiliate profile page.


There is a better way

I’ve tried many different online opportunities in the past 10 years to better our retirement income and made some money but lost or spent more than I made trying everything under the sun to succeed.                                                                                                                  


Chasing shiny objects got me nowhere. Not to mention the many refunds. That’s what happens when you get into a financial “panic attack”. It takes time to build a long-term successful business online, and that’s a FACT!


I’ve literally spent over a year researching many of the thousands of opportunities online, all the while with Wealthy Affiliate in the back of my mind, and learned a lot of the do’s & don’t’s and quickly learned there’s no magical, fast money maker out there. If there was, everyone would pick up on it in a hurry.


If I would have stayed focused and followed the Wealthy Affiliate training’s, I’m confident all my wasted time would have put me all the closer to my end goal having that successful, profitable online business that would be a pleasure to wake up to everyday knowing that the future will be much brighter, a whole lot sooner.


I’ve learned a lot

In all honesty, I don’t think I totally wasted that time as I have learned a lot, while doing my research, that will benefit my Wealthy Affiliate progress. I just wish the light bulb went off a lot sooner and got myself back on track. Like they say, “it’s never too late”, or “better late than never”.


I’ve learned a lot inside Wealthy Affiliate, and still learning, and will share my knowledge with anyone who has the desire to truly get themselves on track to a profitable, bright future. It does take work but the benefits are HUGE!




It’s a pleasure to wake up in the morning knowing I’ll enjoy the day doing what I love most, learning, earning and helping others do the same. When you love what you do, you don’t consider it work. Wealthy Affiliates state-of-the-art, world class training platform is the best you’ll find anywhere online.


Scams Abound

It’s common knowledge that scams abound on the internet. It seems there’ll never be any one solution to eliminate them. Education is the best preventative measure against scams and sharing that knowledge to alert others is helping but it’s a big world out there.


This is why I’ve created this website, to do my small part helping others avoid scams and get REAL knowledge and proper coaching that is an absolute MUST online today. With over 800,000 members, and online for 14 years now, I’d say Wealthy Affiliate must know something about online business, and does it ever.


You can save yourself a lot of time, money and aggravation if you take a little time right now to consider how and why you came across this website. Just as I did, you’re searching for a way to make money online. Armed with enough knowledge about making money online, you’ll know when it’s time to hit the FREE TO JOIN HERE button with an educated decision.


Money and desperation certainly has a big impact on our “decision time” thoughts at any given moment. Desperate people do desperate things. Don’t think you have to be rich to be happy. You only need to love what you’re doing.


As your personal coach, you have my solemn PROMISE, you’ll never be alone in this vast industry called affiliate marketing. This is what I do. It is what I wake up to each day and never seem to get enough of it. Life-time learning is just plain ole human nature. We never stop learning.


It took quite some time for me to come to my senses to realize that in order to succeed online, you’re just gonna have to buckle down, get serious, and listen to what people are trying to tell you. People that at one time, were in your very position. Look at me now, I’m a work from home extra income coaching nut, and I love it!


It is my hope that my website helps you realize that scams that have given this industry such a BIG BLACK-EYE, online and offline, have turned people away from very lucrative,       legitimate programs as well. I don’t waste my time, as I have in the past, looking all over the place for the “next best thing“. Wealthy Affiliate has it all and we all need it.


It makes no difference weather your an experienced entrepreneur or just now beginning to learn about how to make an extra income online, Wealthy Affiliate is an Open Education Project for all. No stone is left unturned here at this online University.                                  


A HUGE community of like-minded individuals reaching out to help one another found nowhere else on the internet. There’s no comparison anywhere…and it’s FREE! Thats right, you can become a member at no cost to you and there are no fancy upsells or enticement to purchase anything else.


Become a FREE member forever, or, after going through the free training modules showing you, step-by-step, how to earn & learn as you go, become a premium member and enjoy access to so much more, including interacting with experts, professionals, beginners and the owners of this incredible online community.


My daily life may seem simple, and it is, but it’s also exciting and rewarding in many ways. We all have our problems to deal with daily. Life can “get in the way”. Sometimes just a little boost or a helping hand can change the course for the rest of the day. I spend my days helping others with extra income coaching.


Perhaps you need a boost, a coach, or just a helping hand to get yourself motivated and on track. If you feel you’re a coachable type of person and would like some one on one coaching, free of charge, always, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can easily leave me a private message on my Wealthy Affiliate profile page:


If you should have any questions concerning anything you’ve read on this page, do not hesitate to leave a comment (below).

I usually respond to all comments promptly. 


You’re Friend and Extra Income Coaching Specialist,


Randy Brooks
Greeley, Iowa



Email: randy@extraincomecoaching.com


Testimonials: CLICK HERE


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Markus

    Wow, that’s one hell of an About Me page. Really great stuff Randy. It’s great to meet someone like you and learn from their mistakes although in many ways were on the same page. I also wish I would’ve started on this path earlier! But we’re on it now and that’s what matters most! Freedom is worth fighting for.


    1. Randy Brooks

      Hello Markus. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked my About Me page. I try my best to get the true nature of Wealthy Affiliate out to others looking to better themselves online.

      With all the scams online today, it can be very discouraging and untrusting. When people do come across a legit program such as Wealthy Affiliate, if they don’t take the time to totally review the site so as to make an educated decision about what it is, they miss out.

      It’s sad but true. Like they say, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make em drink it”. See you around the community. I left a comment on your website.

      All the best to you,

      Randy B

    2. Randy Brooks

      Hi Markus. I’d like to leave a comment on 10kfastlane.com also, but theres no place to leave one. Let me know if you get it set for comments.

      Randy B

    3. Randy Brooks

      Hello Markus. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio. Yes, we all make mistakes but thats all part of learning. Glad to know you realize the value of Wealthy Affiliate too. It’s always the right place at the right time, anytime.

      I clicked on your link to 10kfastlane.com and it’s a login page. Hope you’re aware of that. See you around the community.

      Have a good one,


  2. Enid

    Sounds like a familiar story. I did the exact same thing. We scrounged all over the internet to find a quick money deal. I found nothing but trouble and disappointment. Until I found WA. I have learned so much and am very glad I invested time into a real school of learning instead of the scams I chased before.

    1. Randy Brooks

      Hi Enid. I feel the same way. Been through the mill till finding Wealthy Affiliate. It took long enough but we’re here now and thats all that matters. Better late than never.

      Have a good one,



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