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Build A Website Introduction


Let me help you.

Have you been searching all over the internet trying to figure out how to build a website? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of free website builders online. Knowing what is right for you can be painfully confusing.

There are some things you should know before putting in a lot of time building a website with just any builder picked at random. Making your life as easy as possible as an Internet Entrepreneur is our goal here at Wealthy Affiliate.

You’ll be quite impressed when you see just how quickly you can have a fully functioning, beautiful website, LIVE on the internet, easily built in just a few minutes. Today’s technology levels the playing field for everyone.

If you’de like to create a website for yourself or perhaps a local business, it’s relatively easy to do these day’s. The most professionally looking, newbie friendly websites have been built with the simplest, state-of-the-art platforms and services available. 


Critical Features of a Website


Free website builders are a dime a dozen but are they effective?

Your website is your “internet presence”. Your website must have a host. When people visit your site, you want to be sure your information is delivered quickly and efficiently. A good, reliable host will provide these very important basic essentials.



These are just a few very important aspects you want to consider before putting too much time into building your website. Time is everyone’s most valuable asset, don’t waste it.

By accomplishing these essentials you’ll have a fully functional, successful and profitable website LIVE on the internet. However, for this to be done successfully, you need a platform that can get the job done simply and seamlessly.


Do you have an idea for a website you’de like to create? In the box below, type a name, leaving out the .com, to instantly see if it’s available.


It is Highly Recommended that you use the world’s most popular FREE website builder…Wordpress.


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What have you got to lose?


Wealthy Affiliate is like no other company on the internet today, PERIOD! You are given two websites absolutely free, forever, AND, you are taught how to build them costing you no more than a little time. You simply cannot lose.

Wealthy Affiliate’s simple website building platform is the most “newbie friendly” platform found online today. Gone are the day’s of having to learn coding to own a piece of the internet. Even images and videos are a cinch to put anywhere you’de like them on you’re site at the click of the mouse button. It doesn’t get any easier!






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