The Importance of Proper Keyword Searching

By | January 16, 2017

The Importance of Proper Keyword Research.

Did you know there is a proper way to

search for keywords?

Too many people have never learned

the proper way and, early on, set

themselves up for failure.

It may or may not be their fault.

They haven’t been shown the

proper way to do keyword research or

don’t understand how to properly do a

keyword search.


Knowledge is Power!


Finding keywords is not complicated. Knowing what to do with them is simple when you know how. Choosing the proper keyword tool and knowing how to use it is crucial to your search engine success.

I won’t go into detail about the many different keyword search tools available online here. There is a ton of information to be found online about keyword search tools. I use a free keyword search tool that works as good as any paid version you can find.

Sign up as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate and you’ll have access to a very powerful, easy to use, state-of-the-art, keyword research tool to use at your convenience 24/7. Wealthy Affiliate does offer an optional premium membership but it’s not necessary for the use of the free keyword tool.

Sometimes, the simplest change in a keyword can make the difference in your websites page ranking with the search engines. There is a lot of information out there about using keywords, but how do you determine the good from the bad, or outdated info?


Keyword Research Actually Is Fun!                                                                                      

I like to keep things simple, don’t you? Well lets keep the process of keyword research simple, and FUN, too. When you apply what I’m teaching you here.

I think you’ll enjoy doing keyword research as much as anyone else that has been taught the proper way.

There are 3 critical things, pillars, as they are called, you want to watch for while researching keywords.

Yes, ONLY 3, but very important to the search engines.

As I said, we’ll keep it simple.



Three Main Pillars For Adequate Keyword Research


1. Minimum Competition


The first of the 3 pillars you should focus on should be low competition. Too high a competition will lead to disappointment trying to get a sufficient ranking with the search engines, not to mention ​NO TRAFFIC​, the heartbeat of your success. What would be the whole point with no traffic?

When looking for competition, you want to look for ​Quoted Search Results​, also known as QSR. This is one of the more important metrics of the three pillars. The free keyword tool I mentioned above is very simple to use and instantly shows an accurate QSR.

The EXACT number of your competitors pages listed in the search engines is determined by the QSR. This QSR figure is your REAL competition. You want to look for QSR numbers of 300 or less, preferably, the lower and closer to zero, the better. 

That is, 300 or less, REAL, competing pages listed in the search engines. You can easily rank and be above the competition on page one.


Keyword Pillar One: QSR of 300 or less, closer to ZERO is better.





Stay away from “high ranking” keywords showing a “high volume”. These high volume​ keywords are highly competitive. It’s senseless to try and rank for a high volume of traffic when theres also a lot of competition. You won’t get ranked!

If your keyword gets at least fifty, (50), searches or more per month, your chances of a high search engine ranking are going to be much higher. Why is that you ask? Read on.

When you get first page rankings in the search engines, for say, 5, 10, 20, even a hundred of these prime keywords, they quickly add up to significant traffic results. As an added bonus, these keywords typically have much better conversion rates and are more relevant.


2. Keyword Pillar TWO: 50 Searches Or More Per Month.



3. ​Keywords Must Make Sense!


Just how perplexing can it be writing content and trying to include a keyword that doesn’t make any sense? No one wants to read a sentence that confuses the mind. Heres an example:proper way find keywords vs the proper way to find keywordsYou’de have a tough time trying to make sense of the first keyword. Simply, don’t choose keywords that cannot be used to make your content sensible. Don’t forget, you’re writing content for REAL people, not the search engines.

Keyword Pillar THREE: ​Must make sense to your audience.



​Would you like to give it a try?


Try it HERE, right now. Yes, it’s FREE and there are no upsells or hidden pop-ups to surprise you or entice you to buy something. That is not how Wealthy Affiliate works. This is the largest, no-nonsense, affiliate marketing training program online. We despise SPAM!



If you should have any questions concerning anything you’ve read on this page, do not hesitate to leave a comment (below).
I usually respond to all comments promptly. 

You’re Friend and Extra Income Coaching Specialist,

Randy Brooks
Greeley, Iowa



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